Donnerstag, 18.05.17

Emanuel Gat SUNNY Photo Dajana Lothert 1 Blog

FAQ: Emanuel Gat

What was the first move you started the day with?
Stretching my lower back.   

Where is the line between movement and dance?
There isn't one.

Why do you dance?
Well, I don't :) 

Do you prefer dancing on your own or together with other people?
Always with others.

What is your inspiration when you do choreographies? What was the inspiration/starting point for the work you show at DANCE?
The people I work with. Always.   

Do you have a style? Can you describe it?
I surely hope I don't.   

What do you like better: the performance or the rehearsal?
You need one to make sense of the other, so both I would say.     

How do you prepare for rehearsals? Do you come with a detailed concept/score or do you develop while improvising?
I try to empty my brain and truly be in a place where I have no idea what will happen.   

What about the ideas and personalities of the dancers – do you want to integrate/show them? If yes, how? If not, why?
I don't integrate them, they ARE the work.     

In your work: what is the body? (And where is mind?)
The body is a form of "mind" in itself.   

* special question: What does it mean to encounter each other on stage?
To be alive?   


Foto © Dajana Lothert