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FAQ: Daina Ashbee

Where is the line between movement and dance?
Wherever you want to place it.

Why do you dance?
I dance because where else do I put the energy?

Do you prefer dancing on your own or together with other people?
I like all of the above, in many scenarios.

What is your inspiration when you do choreographies? What was the inspiration/starting point for the work you show at DANCE?
I didn't actually think about it, it created itself through me.

Do you have a style? Can you describe it?
I think I have many styles I can tap into, if you are referring to choreography, I would say mine is minimalist, loaded, making use of tension and pushing the duration of time.

What do you like better: the performance or the rehearsal?
I love them both but I will say the performances are my favourite and I am full of emotion and adrenaline.

How do you prepare for rehearsals? Do you come with a detailed concept/score or do you develop while improvising?
I prepare myself for months and months through meditation, brainstorming and writing. I come to the studio with many ideas and papers and go through each of them, developing them.

What about the ideas and personalities of the dancers – do you want to integrate/show them? If yes, how? If not, why?
I am very sensitive to the energy of the interpreters and I make use of that.

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In your work: what is the body? (And where is mind?)
They are one and the same sometimes and other times they are black and white. 

* special question: Do you think the different shades of violence will somehow stay in the performer's bodies? Or is maybe the performing body the way out of violence?
The violence will not increase or contain itself in the body,  but it is always accessible for the next performance. The violence is made up of tension within the performance.


Fotos: "Unrelated" in der Choreografie von Daina Ashbee
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