Lia Rodrigues

Monday, May 20, 2019, 9 p.m., € 30 / red. € 15, TICKETS
Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 9 p.m., € 30 / red. € 15, TICKETS
Venue: Muffathalle
Running time: 70 Min.

Artist Talk on May 20th subsequent to the performance and at the Symposium on May 19th at 11 a.m., admission free


Trash. Old clothes and plastic bags filled with garbage. Bodies peel out of them. Emerge like castaways. Form groups, pull and support each other, move apart, form processions and funeral marches from which individual solos of the dancers develop. The convulsive beauty and expansion of boundaries in the latest choreography by Lia Rodrigues, who has been working since 2004 with her company in Maré, a "favela" (Brazilian for slum, a low-income historically informal urban area) in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, is inspired by a sentence from the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector: "If we are the world, we are moved by a delicate radar that guides." Where does this radar lead us to? Which world is meant by this? Fúria stages rituals of collectivization, violence and subjugation, and revolts, starting from the body. In the dispersing trance and orgiastic force, the political question posed by Fúria doesn't get lost in the shuffle. The question about power: Who talks to whom about what from which position? The answer is loud, and it's furious.

Groups change their aggregate state, they are in permanent transformation, they disintegrate and form anew. How does an individual find their place? What is needed to form a collective? Lia Rodrigues' considerations are always concrete. Because groups consist of individual bodies. What is the mouth designed for? For talking or for screaming? Are the limbs there in order to embrace or hit other persons? These are questions posed by Fúria. With the music accompaniment of vocals and dances of the Kanak people in New Caledonia.

Like previous pieces, most recently Para que o céu não caia or the Brazilian trilogy Pororoca (2009), Piracema (2011), and Pindorama (2013), Fúria was also created in Favela Maré, where Lia Rodrigues works and maintains a training center in an old hangar. She moved there with her company, which she founded in 1990, in the mid-2000s and she is building up her art center, piece for piece. All of her works celebrate their world premieres there. The favela leaves its mark on her choreography: "How can we find forms to carry on and to act? Which rituals does it require? What do we want to do? What can we do? And therefore, what is it that we're doing? It isn't so much dancing 'instead of,' but rather we dance for the people who can't dance. I feel this is a privilege, but also a responsibility," says the choreographer (born in 1956 in São Paolo) in an interview. She doesn't accept public funds from the Brazilian state. She receives support in the form of European funds, which she mentions in an interview with La Liberation, and in the form of a gift Maguy Marin presented her with. The French choreographer, who danced with Rodrigues from 1980 to 1982, bequeathed her the Brazilian rights to her successful piece May B. (1981). So the dancers from her center were tought the piece and toured with it in France for a limited time. A piece about the utopian moments in the dystopia. About our life in co-existence with others. In Maré.


Director: Lia Rodrigues
Assistent: Amalia Lima
Dramaturgy: Silvia Soter
Artistic Support and Pictures: Sammi Landweer
Lighting design: Nicolas Boudier
Stage design: Magali Foubert
Administrator, booking: Thérèse Barbanel
Logistics and coordination: Colette de Turville
Company director: Gabriela Goncalves
Music: Sequences from traditional songs and dances by the Kanak 
– New Caledonia
Danced and developed by:
Leonardo Nunes, Felipe Vian, Clara Cavalcante, Carolina Repetto, Valentina Fittipaldi, Andrey Silva, Karoll Silva, Larissa Lima, Ricardo Xavier

Production: Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse – with support of Hermès Corporate Foundation as part of the program New Settings – le  Festival d’Automne – le Centquatre Paris –  le MA scène- nationale, Pays de Montbéliard, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main, ias part of the festivals “Frankfurter Position 2019” – eine Initiative der BHF-Bank-Stiftung”  – le  Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels),  le Teatro Municipal do Porto /Festival DDD - dias de dança, Theater Freiburg (Germany), Muffatwerk München – Les Hivernales-CNDC
Photos: © Sammi Landweer

Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças and the support of Redes da Maré e Centro de Artes da Maré.

Thanks to Zeca Assumpçao, Inês Assumpçao, Alexandre Seabra und Mendel.

Lia Rodrigues is Associate-Artist at Chaillot - National Dance Theatre and at Centquatre Paris.