"Let Me Change Your Name" by Eun-Me Ahn © Eunji Park

"Let Me Change Your Name" by Eun-Me Ahn © Eunji Park

New Look - New Strategy

DANCE 2021 in times of the pandemic:

Welcome to our website! Will the dance company from South Korea make it to the stage in Munich? Under which conditions will companies from all over the globe perform at our festival? Onstage in front of an audience, as a live performance on the internet, or in a public space? How can one celebrate a dance festival without wild celebrations? Questions upon questions, and simple answers and solutions are impossible right now due to the current situation in our society. We as humans and artists have rarely felt so insecure as we do nowadays. Never before were so many grand concepts so provisional, never before have plans been forged and then overthrown or changed shortly afterwards.

We are currently planning a dance program that is more comprehensive than previous editions of the festival. We would like to allow you via our website to take part in our planning of the program and also in any potential changes. Because everything is different with this DANCE festival. Starting right now, we will publish initial concepts and focal points in our online magazine and gradually expand them, and we will not publish the program until a month before the festival begins, so that up until April we will be able to react to the Corona pandemic situation.

I hope you enjoy looking through the newly designed website and reading the information, and I hope to see you soon at DANCE 2021 in the theaters, the public spaces, and on the internet!

Signatur Nina Hümpel