Dear Friends of Dance!

Bringing together old acquaintances and new friends is an elegant move on the part of clever hosts. This is exactly what Nina Hümpel, as the curator of the international dance festival DANCE 2019, does.

On eleven hopefully spring-like days in May, many residents of Munich who have a passion for dance will use the opportunity to immerse themselves into the multifarious world of international dance.

Works from choreographers such as Peter Trosztmer or Yang Zhen, who already have been guest performers several times in our city along the Isar River, can be experienced. They will be joined by Munich players such as Jasmine Ellis, Ceren Oran, and Richard Siegal, and there will also be international works from artists who will be coming to DANCE for the first time – for example, Gisele Vienne and Lia Rodrigues. William Forsythe will also be questioning anew the choreographic material of ballet in combination with elements of b-boying.

For the consequent continuation of our efforts to present a living archive of contemporary independent dance theater, there will also be a new archive format, the DANCE History Tour. This tour on bicycles will take persons interested in experiments to museums, theaters, and locations in Munich where modern dance had its beginnings even before the First World War.

The DANCE festival is located all over the entire city, but its innovative heart beats at the Kreativquartier venue. Here, where in the coming years a new cultural center in a growing city will emerge, many creative artists have found a home. Here people will perform and dance, discuss and celebrate – the future is here. Moreover, the future needs an origin. I hope you enjoy exciting festival days.

Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers
Director of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich



Dear Festival Guests!

Even before times of hate speech and fake news, artists were dealing with the subject of communication. In view of worldwide social divides, choreographers are devoting themselves even more strongly to this subject.

The questions "how do we want to talk to each other?" and "how do we want to communicate with each other?" are the central questions for my curation of DANCE 2019.
Numerous choreographers who we have invited to DANCE 2019 are touched by these topical and controversial questions. Jasmine Ellis, William Forsythe, Lia Rodrigues, and Richard Siegal examine how we stand in our mutual exchanges, how we form structures of communication, and how we are exposed to them, too.

The crowd, the community, the group are examined in the pieces by Gisele Vienne, Marie Chouinard, and Ceren Oran, who will conduct with her dancers an eleven-day dance marathon at various public locations in Munich. There is a large portion of choreographers: Daina Ashbee, Eisa Jocson, and Kat Valastur will create a "minutemade" exclusively for DANCE 2019 to live music by Polina Lapkovskaja and with the Gärtnerplatztheater's ballet company.

How do we want to live with one another? For three days DANCE 2019 will be at Kreativquartier, where the issue of urbanity in the 21st century and the search for a community will be presented with the world premiere of a work by Yang Zhen from China, and a creation by Peter Trosztmer and Zack Settel from Canada. In addition, there will be a round of discussions on these subjects, additional performances, interactions, installations, and the opportunity with the Ring my Bell project to meet artists and other protagonists of Kreativquartier.

I am looking forward to celebrating together with you international contemporary dance in theaters, in public spaces, and at Kreativquartier.
Come together! Right now!

Nina Hümpel
Artistic director, DANCE 2019