Anton Biebl

Anton Biebl by Tobias Hase

Dear Friends of the Dance Festival,

DANCE is, alongside the theater festival Spielart, the music theater festival Biennale, the film festival Filmfest München, and the literature festival Literaturfest, one of the large festivals the City of Munich organizes and significantly sponsors. These festivals bring international contemporary productions to Munich, they thrill audiences and inspire artists. Their special flair comes from the encounters and exchanges, from the close proximity to the artists, and from the intensive, concentrated programs.

For over a year now we have been, however, forced to practice distancing and avoiding personal contact. How can one organize the DANCE festival under these conditions? Viewing world premieres around the globe has to be done without being able to travel, invitations can only be extended when pandemic-conform performance versions have been conceived, plans for productions have to be adapted to the various countries' continuously changing entry and quarantine regulations, and flight and hotel bookings remain precarious up until the last minute. Everything is constantly in motion – but in a completely different way than we would usually associate with a dance event.

We miss the art of dance, which creates extremely special moments. DANCE will make such moments possible in 2021 as well – I am sure of that. Choreographers with connections to Munich such as Richard Siegal, Anna Konietzky, and Ceren Oran will dignify the festival with their presence. There will be a reunion with artists like Raimand Hoghe, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and the Israeli duo Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor. There will also be a focus on age with a retrospective presented by the dance company "Dance On" from Berlin. The ensemble consists of experienced dancers over 40 years old. Diversity is also playing – and rightly so – an increasingly more important role in dance.

We are looking forward to a multifaceted festival program, the latest interpretations in contemporary dance, eagerly anticipated highlights, and very, very special moments.

Anton Biebl
Director, Department of Arts and Culture

Nina Hümpel

Nina Hümpel by Jean-Marc Turmes

Dear Readers,

The dance company from South Korea will thrill us with a digital performance that includes a live intervention, but it will be analogue – they won't be able to make it to a stage in Munich. The Israeli dancers and the choreographer from New York have been vaccinated, but they still are not allowed to perform here. Under what circumstances can the companies from all over the world perform for us? On a stage in front of an audience, as a live performance on the internet, or in a public space? How can you celebrate a dance festival without wild celebrations?

Questions and more questions, which make simple answers and solutions impossible due to the current situation in our society. Rarely have we as persons and artists been so insecure as we are today. Never before were so many grand concepts so temporary, were plans made and then after a short period of time overturned again or altered.

After working on extremely different scenarios the past months we will be presenting you in the coming eleven days of the festival a comprehensive digital program; five of these productions are in collaboration with Münchner Kammerspiele. Several productions will be danced live by the respective companies and you can watch them in your living rooms via streaming, and other productions will be shown in high-quality film versions. We have put together exciting film documentations on the choreographers who unfortunately couldn't present their works in a digital form; the film documentations will be accompanied by live conversations with the artists. In addition, we are pleased to have projects on our program that were created especially for the digital realm. All of this can be booked and viewed this year not only locally in Munich, but also worldwide.

Everything is different with this DANCE festival and will constantly be adapted anew to the situation. In our online magazine we offer you the opportunity to participate in the different planning stages and gain in-depth insights into DANCE 2021 by reading the interviews with the festival artists and reports on the performances and themes.

Enjoy reading the magazine, and we'll see you soon at DANCE 2021 on the internet!