Raimund Hoghe: "La Valse" - © Rosa Frank
Magazine #7: A Lively Remembrance
An Evening with Raimund is reminiscent of Raimund Hoghe‘s choreographic work, more
Richard Siegal / BoD: "Xerrox Vol. 2" - © Thomas Schermer
Magazine #8: “Like a reunion with old friends”
Richard Siegal about DANCE and the little difference changing everything< more
Tony Rizzi: "Why Wait?" - © Maciej Rusinek
Magazin #9: A Late Summary
Why Wait? by Tony Rizzi, a dance performance about 20 years of dance art revolution at Ballet Frankfurt by Eva-Elisabeth F more
Mathilde Monnier: "Records" - © Marc Coudrais
Magazine #6: Records by Mathilde Monnier
A Dance Piece from the Lockdown by Sandra Luzina  more
Andrew Tay & Stephen Thompson: "Make Banana Cry" - © Claudia Chan Tak
Magazine #5: Shifting Perspectives
Dance in Montreal - a fulcrum for powerful invention more
Moritz Ostruschnjak - © Jubal Battisti
Magazine #4: With the Tunnel Drilling Machine into the Rabbit Burrow…
At DANCE the Munich choreographer Moritz Ostruschnjak will perform the world premiere of his work more
Maciej Kuźmiński: "Every Minute Motherland" - © Maciej Moskwa
Magazine #3: When the night has reached its deepest point...
A work about the war in Ukraine: Every Minute Motherland by Maciej Kuźmi more
Dovydas Strimaitis: "The Art of Making Dances" - © Thierry Hauswals
Magazine #2: 3 Questions to 3 Choreographers
Agnietė Lisičkinaitė, Lukas Karvelis and Dovydas Strimaitis about their work as young Lithuanian artists  more
Marie Chouinard: "Henri Michaeux: Mouvements" - © Marie Chouinard
Magazine #1: Six Adventures – The View from the Cockpit
The festival director Nina Hümpel in an interview with Arnd Wesemann   more
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